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Your bathroom may be the one place where you can find solace in your busy day to day life. Having a bathroom that is not only functional but also looks good can make it that much more relaxing and enjoyable. For modern bathroom lighting and flooring solutions, look no further than Shelby Design Center.

Our friendly lighting and flooring consulting experts can help design your bathroom from the ground up. Because we offer modern bathroom lighting and flooring solutions, we take a holistic approach to make sure everything functions well together.


Bathroom flooring is a tricky business. You want to ensure your floors look good as well as have the functionality you need. Modern bathroom flooring has come leaps and bounds since the “old days.” If you like the look of wood, but want to avoid the risk of water damage, laminate flooring or our luxury vinyl planks can provide the premium look and feel you’re looking for.


Modern bathroom lighting has evolved from its simple utilitarian designs into a bastion for relaxation and privacy. Today’s lighting fixtures need to provide a dynamic assortment of illumination, styles, and features that work to match the home’s style while providing the necessary lighting. When done right, your bathroom lighting can help to create a space that is even more inviting.

New lavatories require complex lighting solutions to foster a setting that properly illuminates where needed while avoiding unnecessary lighting in other spots. The task lighting provided by your vanity lighting, for example, needs to be bright enough to highlight your facial features while avoiding washing out the details. From decorative to ornate light fixtures to sconces, the possibilities for your bathroom lighting are nearly endless.


We understand the process of redesigning a bathroom can be a difficult one. From budget to design to functionality, it can be quite overwhelming to sort it all out.. And with a million and one blogs, online resources, magazines, and well-meaning friends giving you different pieces of advice, the felt pressure to have the “perfect bathroom” is even greater.

Our experts flooring and lighting consultants are here to not only make your modern bathroom update easy to do, but enjoyable as well. While we want you to be happy with the end result most of all, we believe the process can be enjoyable as well.

To start your complete bathroom redesign journey, click one of the buttons below to learn more. Or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation, use our online form to do so today.