Stunning Modern & Classic Chandelier Styles

When you’re in the market for a brand new or replacement chandelier for your Shelby Township home or business, you simply won’t find a better selection and price point than you will at the Shelby Design Center.

Chandeliers provide a stunning focal point in any room. Whether you are installing a classic Victorian-style chandelier in your dining room or a sleek, contemporary chandelier in your outdoor entertainment area, this stunning light fixture will meet all your aesthetic and illumination needs.

At Shelby Design Center, we make it easy to shop online or to stop by our conveniently located lighting store. However, we do hope you’ll stop by and talk with one of our expert lighting consultants. With their knowledge of our extensive lighting catalog and years of experience honing in their exquisite design sense, you’ll easily find the perfect chandelier for your home or office.

What Makes A Chandelier?

When it comes to light fixtures, there's hardly anything more iconic than a chandelier. These attention-grabbing fixtures are almost always the star of the show in any room you put them in.

However, what makes a particular ceiling light a chandelier, especially when modern pendants are so similar in size and functionality? The primary difference between a chandelier and a pendant light is the amount of light sources on a single fixture. While pendants usually have just one light source, chandeliers typically have multiple bulbs that are connected via a branch-like frame.

While traditional-style chandeliers are often large, ornate, and have hanging crystals and beads, modern takes on the chandelier offer some truly fascinating looks and feels. Either way, you’ll have an awe-inspiring feature that will brighten up every room you install it in.

While chandeliers are typically installed in foyers and dining rooms, the right-sized chandelier can work well in any room of your home or office.

Chandelier Styles

As with any lighting product, strict classification of any fixture has its limitations. However, it can be helpful when considering your lighting design to be familiar with basic chandelier styles. That way, you can match them with the theme of your home or office, as well as people’s personal aesthetic preferences.

Crystal Chandeliers

When people think of crystal chandeliers, the classic, vintage look of a chandelier, crystal chandeliers are often what comes to mind. While these ornate fixtures used to be a sign of wealth and the upper crust of society, technology has allowed these chandeliers to be produced at a lower price point, while still maintaining the old world beauty and charm. In fact, many of these fixtures will fit nicely into your budget. Crystal chandeliers are often multi-tiered and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Tiffany-Style Chandeliers

Louis Comfort Tiffany was a master glass artist, with his style being applied to all sorts of light fixtures. When it comes to chandeliers, lighting manufacturers use colorful pieces of glass of varying sizes to create repeatable patterns that end up with some pretty stunning results. Tiffany styles can have a modern or classic look and feel. These chandeliers are sure to please as they light up your home or office for years to come.

Contemporary Chandeliers

While contemporary is an incredibly broad term to apply to light fixtures, contemporary chandeliers are often characterized by an innovative design and minimalism. Some of the more interesting trends are starburst chandeliers and globe, or orb, chandeliers. Starburst chandeliers are characterized by spikes shooting out from a central globe. Globe chandeliers contain light sources that are surrounded by glass, acrylic, fabric, or metal mesh.

Country/Rustic Chandeliers

The country/rustic design style is certainly growing in popularity. Homes and commercial properties around the country are adopting this unique style that emphasizes naturalism and tips its hat to the American West. While rustic decor certainly extends beyond lighting, lighting plays an absolutely critical role in rounding out this style of decor. Wrought iron, wood, and Edison-style bulbs are hallmarks of this style of chandelier.

Sizing Up Your Chandelier

At The Shelby Design Center, we’re big believers in finding a properly sized fixture. While personal design preferences and a matching decor style are important, a chandelier that matches the rest of your dining room isn’t going to look right if it’s awkwardly sized.

Below, we’re going to cover some key measurements, so you can find the right chandelier(s) for whatever space you are trying to light:

  • Width: Finding the right width for your chandelier is relatively simple. Just take the length and width measurements of your room, add the two numbers up, and convert the result into inches. For example, a 10 foot by 15 foot room would mean you’d try to find a chandelier that was 25 inches in diameter. Also, if there’s a surface underneath, such as a table, you’ll want to make sure your chandelier is less than two-thirds the width of what it’s hanging above.
  • Height: Determining the height is even simpler than the width. Just take the height of your room from floor to ceiling and multiply by two and a half to three in inches. (i.e. A 10 foot ceiling would take a 25 to 30 inch chandelier.)

Find Your Next Chandelier At The Shelby Design Center

Knowing where to start is extremely important when it comes to finding the right chandelier. However, no amount of website content, blogs, or design guide videos will substitute the advice of an experienced lighting designer with excellent design sense. At The Shelby Design Center, we employ the region’s top design consultants to help you create the perfect space with just the right amount of illumination and a personal design touch.

Thanks to our commitment to relationships over profits, you can expect top-quality lighting products, an impressive inventory, fair pricing, and the small-town customer care that you won’t find anywhere else. With over 20 years of experience serving our community, and thousands of satisfied customers, we are Shelby Township’s premier lighting showroom. Visit our showroom or schedule an appointment online to get started. We look forward to meeting all your illumination needs!



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