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At the Shelby Design Center, we take a holistic approach to lighting design. As such, we believe that no room is complete without the proper amount and usage of wall lighting fixtures. When you shop with us, you’ll find a stunning selection of bathroom sconces, outdoor wall lighting, picture display lighting, and more!

As the premier lighting and flooring showroom in Shelby Township, we take great pride in curating a selection of top-quality lighting fixtures at great prices. Thanks to our strategic relationship with suppliers, we are able to pass on those savings to our customers. With the Shelby Design Center, quality and savings go hand-in-hand!

However, what really sets us apart from the rest is our expert lighting consultants. Thanks to their impeccable knowledge and customer care, we’ve been privileged to receive the Best of Houzz service award. We look forward to meeting with and meeting all your lighting and flooring needs!

An Impressive Wall Lighting Selection

At the Shelby Design Center, we know that people’s taste in lighting are as unique as the individuals themselves. That’s why we keep a well-stocked lighting inventory to ensure we can meet your aesthetic and illumination needs.

Most wall light fixtures are relatively unassuming, and that’s what we love about them. The strategic use of wall lights can be used to create a warm, open, and inviting feeling to any room. They support your ceiling lights in an ambient lighting strategy by filling in the dark spots in shadowy corners. They are also great for adding a little bit of additional light to reading areas.

Here Are Some Of The Different Types Of Wall Lights You’ll Find At The Shelby Design Center:

Wall Sconce Light Fixtures

When it comes to wall lights, sconces are most likely what you think of. Thanks to their many styles, from classic to chic and modern, you can find a sconce to fit any decor style. They fit nicely in nearly any space and come in single to multi-light fixtures to ensure you have just the right amount of lighting you need.

Picture Display Lights

Whether it’s family photos or a favorite piece of artwork, having picture display lights are a great way to draw attention to wall art around your home. Be sure to carefully consider whether down or uplighting would be better for a particular piece of art.

Bathroom Wall Lights

Wall lighting is essential for your bathroom lighting strategy, especially around the vanity area. By placing downlight fixtures above your vanity, you’ll have adequate lighting to accomplish any task. You can also add style to substance by choosing decorative light fixtures that take your bathroom’s aesthetic to the next level!

Utilizing Wall Lights In Different Rooms

There’s a little bit of nuance when it comes to selecting wall lights for any particular room. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to provide a little bit of guidance to help you make the right decision for each room in your home.

  • Wall Lighting For The Bedroom. While bedside lamps are popular options for nightly reading, a well-placed swing arm light can do wonders as well. You can also use wall lights to brighten areas your main ceiling light can’t quite reach.
  • Wall Lighting For The Dining Room. When it comes to using wall lighting in dining rooms, one of the things we highly recommend is to install dimmer switches to help set the mood for intimate settings.
  • Wall Lighting For The Kitchen. One of the most popular types of wall lighting in the kitchen is undercabinet lighting. These brighten up dark areas under cabinet areas and make prep work a breeze!
  • Wall Lighting For The Entryway. When people walk into your home, you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Placing a decorative torchiere or sconce is a great way to help your guests feel welcome right when they step into your home.

When it comes to wall lighting, measurements are key. Make sure to take measurements of the space beforehand to ensure that the light fixture fits nicely and is neither too small nor too bulky.

Finally, one of the most popular trends in track lighting is the use of remote controls. Remote controls allow you to control your track lighting from anywhere in your home or business, giving you more control over the look and feel of your space.


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When you work with our team, you’ll see that prize relationships over process, going above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied and receive some of the best pricing on our lighting and flooring products. In the over 20 years of serving our community, we’ve garnered a reputation for excellence, and we intend to continue our high standards of service for generations to come.

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