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A Full Spectrum Of Ceiling Light Options

Finding the right combination of ceiling lights can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never shopped for lighting before. Whether you are an expert, novice, or a complete beginner, the Shelby Design Center is here to meet all your lighting needs.

Our lighting showroom features thousands of unique ceiling light fixtures that are sure to please any aesthetic sense and match any design style. Whether you are looking for task lighting to illuminate your kitchen island or recessed lighting to round out your living room’s lighting strategy, we got you covered.

From classic and ornate to modern and minimalist, we have lighting products that’ll meet every budget and preference. As a Best of Houzz service award winner, we strive to offer only top-quality products, affordable pricing, and design help that’ll take your home or commercial property to the next level. Stop by our Shelby Township showroom to speak with one of our lighting design specialists!

What Are Your Ceiling Light Options?

Ceiling lighting plays a vital role in the lighting strategy of your home. Because there are so many different types of ceiling lights, they are extremely versatile and can be used as ambient, task, and accent lighting features, depending upon how they are used and where they are installed.

Here are just some of the many different types of ceiling lights we offer at The Shelby Design Center.

  • Close To Ceiling Lights Generally speaking, close to ceiling lights are your flush and semi-flush mounts. Unlike chandeliers or pendant lights, these lights feature a low profile and are ideal for creating a wider wash of light, rather than focused illumination. Low profile lights are great when you don’t have a ton of ceiling to floor space. They are most commonly used in bedrooms, hallways, and nooks.
  • Island Lights In modern kitchens, islands have become all the rage. Understandably so. They are great for prep areas, laying out food, or even letting your kids do their homework while they eat an after-school snack. When choosing lighting for your island, you’ll want to consider the dimensions and height of the island below to ensure you find a fixture that’s properly sized.
  • Recessed Lighting When it comes to lighting, it doesn’t get more low-profile than recessed fixtures. These types of lights actually sit inside your ceiling and are great for providing both general lighting, as well as task or accent lighting, depending on the type of trim you choose. Keep in mind that if you are installing recessed lighting inside of the bathroom, you’ll want to find one that’s wet or damp-rated.
  • Track Lighting While track lighting may have peaked in popularity in the 80s, it’s come a long way since then. Modern fixtures are far from purely linear and you can hang a wide variety of individual fixtures from any given track. And because they are a series of individual fixtures, you have greater control over where each beam shines.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Ceiling Lights

While there are certainly an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to ceiling lighting, breaking down your thought process into the three areas listed below can help you narrow down your selection and find the perfect fixtures.


Simply put, not every fixture is the right size for a given space. No matter how beautiful the light may be or how well it matches the rest of the decor, it’s simply going to look awkward if it’s over or undersized.

Take measurements of your room. Consider length, width, height, and the distance from the ceiling to any surfaces beneath them. If you aren’t sure what to do with these measurements, bringing them to one of our lighting experts is a great place to start.


When it comes to lighting, illumination always comes first. Think practically about what sort of purpose your lights will serve. Are there areas of your home or office that are too dark to adequately complete tasks? Are there spaces that seem dreary that could use brightening up?

Jot some of your lighting needs down and keep them in the forefront of your mind as you’re shopping for fixtures. Feel free to bring them up to your lighting consultant as they may have ideas you’ve never considered before.


While having adequate lighting is always the first priority, that doesn’t mean your fixtures can’t be a unique reflection of your design preferences and peculiarities.

When selecting new lights, have fun with the process! Whether you choose to strictly follow a theme throughout your home or vary it up by room, trust your gut and choose a fixture that appeals to you.


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Whether it’s flooring, lighting, or even window treatments, our showroom can service all the design needs for your home or office. We look forward to meeting all your illumination needs!


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