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Finding the right ceiling fan for your home can be difficult? At Shelby Design Center, we offer more than just top-quality lights and flooring options; we’re here to help you with the entire design process. When you stop by our lighting and flooring store, one of our design experts will walk you through our impressive array of decorative and functional ceiling fan options. With over 1,500 different fans to choose from, you’ll be certain to find the perfect ones for your home or office — we even offer outdoor fans and other portable options. With our level of experience, expertise, and friendly service, you can be sure all your ceiling fan needs will be met at Shelby Design Center. So what are you waiting for? Browse our selection online, or schedule an appointment at our lighting and flooring showroom today.

The Benefits Of Installing A Ceiling Fan

While modern HVAC systems offer increased efficiency and great heating and cooling power, ceiling fans are far from obsolete. They are time-tested appliances that have become a staple in many homes and businesses. In fact, they work even better when used in tandem with your heating and cooling system.

If your ceiling fans are wearing down or you’ve never installed one before, here are some of the best reasons to consider getting one:

  • Reduced energy costs: Cooling makes up a significant portion of your summer energy bill. However, installing an energy-efficient ceiling fan can lower your electricity bill by as much as 30 or even 40%. On top of that, any bit of energy you can save will help reduce the carbon footprint of your home.
  • It’s a more natural way of keeping cool: One of the interesting things about ceiling fans is that they don’t actually lower the temperature of the room. Instead, they boost our body’s natural cooling mechanism by increasing the rate of evaporation of perspiration on our skin. This allows you to up the temperature on your thermostat, yet still feel three or four degrees cooler.
  • Add a sense of style and decor to any room: Ceiling fans are about more than just making your room cooler; they also have great aesthetic appeal. Ceiling fans have the potential to draw your eye and can serve as the focal point to any room you install them in. At Shelby Design Center, we offer a wide range of design options, so you can find the perfect one to complement your unique style and preference.
  • Layer your lighting: Many ceiling fans come with an added light source. This allows you to add another layer to your lighting strategy to get an even stronger effect. You can also install a dimmer for even more control over your lighting.
  • Ceiling fans do more than just cool: Did you know that ceiling fans can also help you feel warmer in the winter? Most makes and models come with an option of reversing the blade movement, this helps draw cooler air from the ground, dispersing it throughout the room and minimizing the amount of direct air movement. As a result, this lowers the wind chill you actually feel. Just make sure to run your fan on lower settings.

How To Choose The Right Ceiling Fan

When it comes to finding the right ceiling fan for your home, the most important thing to take into consideration is the measurements of the fan in relation to your room.

First, for aesthetic reasons, if you choose a fan that’s too big, it will dwarf many of the other fixtures in your room and can make the room itself look smaller as well. However, if you choose a fan that’s too small, your fan will fail to make the statement you need it to make; your room can also look awkwardly large by comparison.

However, more than just aesthetics, choosing the right-size ceiling fan is about getting the adequate cooling — or heating — for the room you’re installing it in. Here are some helpful guidelines you can use in finding the right ceiling fan size and installation height.

Ideal Ceiling Fan Height

Simply put, getting your head hit by a ceiling fan is a painful experience. In order to keep you, your family, and your guests safe, you’ll want to install your ceiling fan with at least seven feet of ground clearance.

If you’re hanging a ceiling fan in a bedroom with bunk beds, make sure to give adequate space between the bed and the fan. A child who’s climbing off their bunk can easily hit their head if the fan is too close, especially since their attention will be focused on climbing down safely.

However, getting the height right isn’t just about safety. It’s about how it looks and most importantly how it cools. That’s why you’ll want to leave eight inches or more of space between the fan blades and the ceiling itself.

Additionally, if you have a high ceiling, simply installing the fan will not give you its intended cooling effect. That’s where a downrod comes in. Downrods are used to increase the distance between the fan and the ceiling, allowing you to place the fan in the optimal location for airflow and aesthetics.

Before buying your ceiling fan, make sure to take measurements from your floor to ceiling. From there, you can use these measurements as a guideline:

  • 10 foot ceiling = 12-inch downrod
  • 12 foot ceiling = 24-inch downrod
  • 14 foot ceiling = 36-inch downrod
  • 16 foot ceiling = 48-inch downrod
  • 18 foot ceiling = 60-inch downrod
  • 20 foot ceiling = 72-inch downrod

Note: Keep in mind that additional wiring may be needed to properly install the fan using a downrod. Make sure you ask an expert before purchasing to ensure you have everything you need for a successful installation.


Ideal Ceiling Fan Blade Size

Having the correct-sized fan is important to ensure you don’t overwork the fan in order to achieve adequate cooling. Blade size is an important part of that consideration.

The easy way to remember how to measure your ceiling fan is to remember that they’re measured from tip-to-tip. This means if you have a ceiling fan with an odd number of blades, you simply measure from the tip of one blade to the center, then multiply it by two.

Here’s some helpful measurements to determine the ideal blade size for your room:

  • 75 square foot room or less = 29-36 inch fan
  • 76 – 144 square foot room = 36=44 inch fan
  • 144 – 225 square foot room = 44-54 inch fan
  • 225 – 400 square foot room = 50-72 inch fan

Note: For a 400+ square foot room, use multiple 50 – 72 inch fans.

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We hope the above tips were helpful in your search for a brand new ceiling fan. If you need additional measurement help — or you’re simply at a loss for choosing the right style or finish of ceiling fan — visit our Shelby Township lighting and flooring center.

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