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Living Room

  • As the primary point in the home, the living room is often the central focus for many home lighting projects. Your family will most likely spend most of their time here, as this room provides the space needed to take on a myriad of tasks or hobbies. The versatility of the living room must be met with a wide range of lighting fixtures to optimize each of your family’s activities.

    Proper planning will go a long way in creating the perfect interior lighting outcome for your living room. The basic rule of thumb for general lighting for your living area is to take the total square footage of the room multiply it by 1.5 to determine the total wattage needed. If your living room is 12 feet wide and 14 feet long, you’ll have an area of 168 square feet. Multiply this number by the value above to come to a rough total of 252 watts. While every room is different, this equation can help you to narrow down the exact needs for your modern lighting project.

    Accent and task lighting can also be introduced to provide an enjoyable balance of illumination. Sconces and wall lights can help to light up art pieces or design elements in the home for a dramatic effect. Numerous floor and table lamps can be introduced to provide the task lighting needed to read a book or balance the checkbook. Be sure to browse our online catalog now or stop by our Shelby lighting showroom to find the expert assistance your home needs to shine brightly!