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  • The hallways in your home can benefit greatly from our modern lighting solutions. It’s important to space out your interior lighting in the hallway every eight to 10 feet to avoid over-illuminating the space and washing out any features on the walls. The Shelby Design Center is here to offer the retail lighting products and solutions your halls need to shine proudly and safely.There are many choices for how to optimize your hall and stair lighting, from unique wall sconces to track lighting and more. Each fixture should work to provide general illumination while spotlighting your favorite features, whether they consist of family photos or priceless works of art. The stairs will require comprehensive lighting from top to bottom to ensure the most safety in your home. Additionally, a switch should be installed at each end to maximize the convenience for users. Our lighting experts in Shelby have the expertise needed to optimize this process, offering help with a wide array of lighting elements. Look below to find the perfect products for your home or stop by our flooring and lighting showroom to begin!