Types of Exterior Lighting You Should Know

There are a lot of different types of exterior lighting that you should know about. Not only does this ensure your home or office space has the best lighting possible, but it also ensures your outdoor space is safe and well-lit for you, your family, and visitors. Shelby Design Center is a lighting and flooring showroom located in Shelby Charter Township in Michigan. Our 20,000 square foot showroom offers the supplies you need to make your home or office space shine. Below, we’ll take a look at different types of exterior lighting you should know. Contact us today!

Post Mount Lights

Posts are super useful to have in your outdoor space. They can demarcate boundaries, such as your driveway or your sidewalk, and because they sit off the ground, they illuminate a wider space. Here at Shelby Design Center, we offer a wide variety of post mount lights that will meet both your decor and functional needs. Browse online, or shop in-store today.

Wall Lanterns

Wall lanterns are beautiful additions to your home or office’s exterior. They come in many different styles, from modern to traditional, as well as creative motif styles, such as nautical or rustic. All of our wall lanterns are made from the highest-quality materials and serve to light up your entryway, patio area, or outdoor living space. Hang a wall lantern by a wall fountain for added beauty and aesthetic value.

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lantern lighting options are the perfect choice for an entryway by your front door or for a front or back porch area. If you have a covered patio, hanging lanterns are great for adding task lighting for both during the day and at night. Our lighting store offers many different types of hanging lanterns, including those featuring frosted glass, matte finishes, or even a candelabra composition. Browse in-store or online today.

Deck Lights

Having a backyard deck makes the Michigan summer evenings relaxing and enjoyable. With our wide selection of deck lighting, you can ensure you stay safe without missing a step. Choose from our many finishes, designs, and styles to suit your tastes perfectly. We offer both step lighting for decks, as well as deck lighting for railings and posts, too. This will enable all of the dark, shadowy areas around your deck to be illuminated. Ask a lighting designer for recommendations today.

Path Lights

Whether you are interested in illuminating a walkway or a pathway to a hidden garden at your home or office space, Shelby Design Center has got your needs covered. Pathway lighting is one of the best ways to add safety and security to your building, as well as increase your property’s value. People love to see walkways lighted, and when you craft a beautiful outdoor living area with wonderful path lights that provide the perfect amount of ambient and task lighting, you and your guests will love it. We offer an eclectic variety, such as our Squirrel LED Path Light that is truly utterly divine. Browse our entire selection online today.

Landscape Lighting

Shelby Design Center offers a wide variety of landscape lighting for your needs. We offer a myriad of spot lights that can be used for uplighting trees, for example, or perhaps a beloved fountain. We offer a variety of underwater lights for your water feature, as well as well lights. Consider recessed lights, too in the ground or along pathways to add a great touch to your outdoor living environment. Shop at our Shelby Charter Township store today.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is most definitely a necessity for Michigan businesses, and it’s also great to have for homes, too. We offer a wide array of security lights in many different styles and finishes for you to choose from. Our motion security flood lights are a popular option. Some have adjustable heads and shine light up to 60 feet for 270 degree coverage. Many of our security lights are solar powered, making them environmentally friendly and handy to have. Whether you are looking to light your yard, driveway, patio, loading area, or warehouse, we’ve got your needs covered. Shop with us today!