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The Benefits Of Shopping At Our Flooring Store Cooperative

When it comes to delivering the best products with optimal service at affordable prices, some businesses do better than others. The Shelby Design Center, for one, is a 20,000 square-foot showroom that features the best that the Carpet One® and Lighting One™ co-ops have to offer.

Our lighting and flooring stores in Shelby are here to deliver Michigan residents with the best experience possible for their home renovation needs. There are many reasons why you can benefit from shopping at a cooperative carpet company, some of which many people are unaware. Today, we’ll take a look at a few of the positives you can expect when acquiring all of your home carpet supplies from the Shelby Design Center. When you’re ready, be sure to stop by our top-notch showroom to receive quality assistance to help you find the perfect lighting and carpeting solutions!

Larger Inventories

The community-centered focus for co-op carpet retailers ensures that customers have a larger inventory to choose from to find the perfect product for their homes. Collective partnerships equate to more access to different styles and varieties of flooring products for customers nationwide. A successful business cooperative centers around creating a healthy, positive, supportive environment for small businesses thrive in, creating a profitable marketplace for everyone involved in the co-op venture. What this means for you as the consumer is that we can work hard to find the exact product to match your unique vision of how your home can shine. With over 1,000 different independently owned stores, you’re sure to leave our carpet showroom happy with the shopping experience!

Lower Prices

Combining your carpet flooring business association with others will help to create a powerful community for both store owners and customers. Our modern marketplace often dictates the size and prices of retailers, where big box stores hold a competitive edge with logistics and inventory, and are thus able to deliver their products at a lower price. The Flooring One advantage, however, comes through when you are viewing that all-too-important pricetag. The Shelby Design Center can bring Shelby a small business experience with the pricing advantage of a global retailer. Stop by our showroom to see the cooperative advantage in action!

Positivity In Business

Our modern marketplace dictates a high-pressure system of working to outbid your competitors. Many small businesses suffer in a cutthroat market, hurting their valued customers in the process. Our Lighting One co-op centers around delivering a positive experience for all of our customers across the globe, working with integrity and honesty to ensure that you feel great about working with us. Our future for business centers around building up the community instead of maximizing profits, giving us a major advantage while improving your shopping experience at every turn.

Investing In The Community

As a business of locally owned carpet suppliers, our company strives to support our community. In return, the money we earn locally stays local and is invested back into the community, promoting unity with small business efforts. Our carpet store is proud to be an anchor in the community, supporting other businesses and citizens along the way. From food drives to town hall meetings, we are an involved part of our community, and we’re here to help your home shine. When you shop with a quality co-op, you’re investing money that will be utilized and returned to your hometown!

A Well-Rounded Approach

There are many benefits that a cooperative can provide to both business owners and the community they operate in. Our democratic approach to business aims to develop a system of affordable, available products that are provided by knowledgeable experts with the intent of creating a positive benefit for the community as a whole. With more resources and support, our Carpet One co-op is founded on what we believe to be a quality approach to business. Be sure to stop by our carpet and lighting showroom to see the cooperative difference in action!

When it comes to finding the proper place for your home carpet needs, it’s essential to choose a place that is interested in your success as you are. The Shelby Design Center features two valuable co-ops, providing a vast inventory of lighting and flooring products to ensure that your house looks like your dream home. Stop by our flooring store in Shelby today to see how the co-op structure can enhance your shopping experience!







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