Lighting Company Shelby Township: Home Lighting Tips For Your Game Room

Modern lighting in the rec room has evolved to accommodate a wide range of activities. If you’re planning on a game room plan, our retail lighting experts are here to help with the best solutions in the industry. Learn more about the value of balance in your lighting here before stopping by our lighting showroom!

Need Home Lighting For Your Game Room? Our Lighting Store Is Here To Help

As a Michigan homeowner, you may be in the midst of a home renovation project that focuses on increasing the recreational enjoyment that you and your family can utilize with your unfinished space. In many cases, a game or rec room is the result, a dynamic area that aims to provide a versatile range of entertainment set in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. If you’re struggling trying to come up with the best design for your modern lighting plans, it may prove helpful to seek out professional help. The Shelby Design Center is proud to be your trusted lighting company in Shelby Township, delivering comprehensive knowledge in addition to our quality flooring and lighting products. Our 20,000 square-foot lighting showroom holds every style to ensure that you find the best products to match your style and budget.

Today, we will discuss a few tips that may help you when determining the best way to illuminate your game room. When you’re ready, our retail lighting staff will be here to help deliver the outcome to match your home remodeling vision.

Utilize a Wide Range Of Lighting Styles

Functionality is normally a key function in lighting design. If you plan on utilizing different areas of your game room for different activities such as billiards, darts, and consuming beverages, you’ll benefit best from diversifying your lighting scheme to match each arena. Task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting can all play a beneficial role in illuminating your recreational fun. It is often beneficial to categorize each activity into its own zone, ensuring that every zone has specific lighting elements for the best outcome. Your dartboard will benefit from directional cans that spotlight the wall while an old-school arcade game can be best served with dimmer wall lights such as a timeless sconce.

Each section will rely on different elements for a comfortable fit for you and your guests. If you aren’t sure which contemporary lighting fixtures would fit best in your rec room, our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

The Pool Table

Billiards is a game of finesse and precision. As such, it requires a balanced amount of focused light that helps to illuminate the slate platform for easy play. Keep in mind that too much light can cause unwanted glares and eye strain, both problems you do not want when the game is on the line. Your best bet for pool table lighting is to find an overhead light specifically tailored for the job. Hanging lights come in a wide range of styles to match your game room’s style.

The Bar

Your bartop should serve as a relaxing space that gives off a fun and lighthearted vibe. Your bar lighting should be very soft and discrete, relying on ambient hanging lighting to disperse a calm level light that is bright enough for safety purposes while being dim enough for general merriment. Remember that the bar is often a focal point in many game rooms, and this space will help to set the tone for your entire enterprise. Our Shelby Township lighting store excels in helping customers find the best lighting to match their bar’s mood.

The Media Hub

In many modern game rooms, you can find a modern entertainment system complete with the large HD screen and surround sound. If you plan on spending your time watching a cinematic adventure, it pays to invest in low-intensity lighting options to keep things at cinema-style levels. Remember to keep things functional in terms of traffic flow and safety. Many people invest in guide lights like in the theaters to keep patrons from stumbling through a critical scene.

Keeping a Balance

One of the biggest things to remember about your modern lighting project is that the purpose of your game room is to relax and unwind from the stressors of the outside world. From a poker table in the corner to Duck Hunter on the original platform, this is your space to control, but it all needs to balance out when you are finished. Your games, fixtures, and furniture will all play a role in balancing out the intensity of your ambient and task lighting.

Keep in mind that dimmer switches can greatly help in giving you control over the total balance of your game room’s lighting. One area can be dimmed when not in using, providing adequate light while not overpowering your current activity.

Promoting Fun Times

Today’s hectic world makes it very valuable to be able to sit and chat and catch up with friends and loved ones. Part of your design process will be to determine the floor plan to match your lighting scheme. Take the family’s different hobbies and ages into consideration when planning the activities, as this space is best used when every member enjoys their game time.

Carefully planning your home lighting project can provide a wide range of benefits for the entire family. If you’re in need of expert service and quality products, our lighting company in Shelby Township has been helping customers for more than 20 years.