Great Summer Projects For Your Home

Spring is here! And that means that flowers are going to start blooming, that leaves will begin sprouting leaves, and that it is time for spring cleaning. While no one really looks forward to cleaning, now that we’re approaching summer, it’s time to start planning your home improvement projects! At Shelby Design Center, we love to provide you with ideas about what kind of projects you can take on. This blog entry has a few ways for you to make your home look and feel fresh after the long winter. Keep reading to get inspired or head into our showroom to take a look at the latest and greatest lighting fixtures, home accents, and flooring. By the end of the summer, your house can be transformed into the unique, beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of.

Install New Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great home improvement project for the summer. Not only do they help keep your home cool, but they can also save you money on your energy bill. Ceiling fans circulate the air in your home, making it feel cooler without having to lower the temperature on your thermostat. Ceiling fans can also help reduce humid air, making it more comfortable to be in your home during the hot summer months. If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive way to improve the comfort of your home this summer, installing ceiling fans is a great option. Plus, ceiling fans add a touch of elegance to any room. So if you're looking to spruce up your home this summer, ceiling fans are a great option.

Put In New Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of any home. It not only affects the look and feel of a space, but it can also impact the resale value of a property. For these reasons, installing new flooring is often seen as a wise investment. And while any time of year is a good time to tackle this type of project, summer is often seen as the best season for two reasons. First, warm weather makes it easier to work with certain materials, such as adhesives and carpets. Second, many families find that they have more free time during the summer months to complete a major home improvement project like this. Of course, there are many different types of flooring to choose from, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you speak with a professional about your needs in order to find the right flooring option for your home.

Update A Room

Summer is the perfect time to take on home improvement projects, but that doesn’t mean you have to tear your home down to the studs in order to have a tremendous impact on the feel and look of your house. By updating just one room in your home, you can make a big impact without spending a lot of money or taking on a huge project.

  • Look for ways to add color and texture with home accents that reflect your personal style. Painting an accent wall and hanging new pieces of art can shift the way a room feels, and you can finish a project like that in a day or so!
  • Consider painting the walls or adding new window treatments. If you have a room that is too bright or too dark, a new coat of paint and new window treatments can transform it into a useful, comfortable space.
  • If you want to make a bigger change, think about replacing flooring or light fixtures. At Shelby Design Center, we have tons of flooring options, including hardwood, engineered wood, tile, carpet, and more.

Small changes can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home, so don’t be afraid to take on a summer home improvement project. It’s a great way to enjoy your home even more.

Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living space. If you have a covered patio, consider adding an outdoor ceiling fan to help keep things cool on those hot summer days. Tile flooring is also a great option for outdoor spaces as it looks great and is easy to clean. For a truly unique look, try using different patterns or colors of tile to create a custom design. Whatever changes you make to your outdoor living space, be sure to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend some time enjoying your new oasis.