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Examining Light Bulbs With Your Shelby Lighting Company Part 1

The world of modern lighting is full of new technologies and unbeatable products. However, with all of the variety and complexity comes confusion. Many Americans are either uninformed or misinformed on the subject of home lighting and the varying lighting options.

It can be very helpful to learn more about the world of light bulbs and their associated benefits and negatives. The Shelby Design Center is a go-to source for all of your lighting and flooring needs. Our lighting company supplies Shelby residents with the best inventory coupled with the best advice. Today, we’ll begin to look at a few different types of light bulbs, as well as the meaning behind acronyms commonly associated with these products. This blog will hopefully give you the knowledge necessary to get some serious results in the lighting showroom, or at the least, supply you with helpful knowledge for your next house party.

Incandescent Bulbs

Better known as the workhorse of the light bulb world, incandescents make up a majority of the products used to light our country. This style utilizes a filament in the center that heats up to produce a warm, inviting glow that works well for illuminating your room with that classic feel. The life expectancy and energy efficiency of this bulb, though, have contributed to limiting its availability. In the last decade, Congress passed legislation that set new standards for incandescent bulbs, effectively phasing ones that used tungsten filaments. The public’s need for an average, affordable light bulb has kept incandescents on the shelves for years, prolonging any efforts to ban this style entirely.

Halogen Bulbs

Their filament-focused operation makes halogens a cousin within the incandescent family. Halogens are known for coming the closest to recreating natural daylight, providing sharper colors and features over styles. These bulbs benefit from their higher burning temperature, effectively offering more light while requiring less energy. Halogen lights last as long as incandescents, coming with a higher price tag to boot.

Fluorescent Bulbs

These workhorses of the lighting world use a mercury vapor that emits UV light when you introduce them to electricity. An interior coating helps to convert these UV rays into light that is visible to the naked eye. Fluorescent lights are able to effectively light large areas due to their ability to closely match daylight brightness. It’s important to find the right type of fluorescent bulbs for your needs, as the light produced is often harsh while the science does not allow for a dimmer switch.

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Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Also known as CFLs, this retail lighting option provides a miniature version of your standard fluorescent bulbs. These modern minis, though, are quieter and do not need to warm up to reach full illumination. CFLs also provide the warm, soothing glow that fluorescents fail to capture. It’s important to use caution, though, as CFLs do contain a small amount of mercury, necessitating the need to recycle these bulbs when they do finally run out. Compacts consume 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to ten times longer, making them a clear frontrunner for best light bulb option. While slightly more expensive, the major benefits make investing in CFLs a wise decision!

Light-Emitting Diodes

A futuristic lighting option consts of LEDs, which utilize an electric current in order to pass through a semiconductor, illuminating tiny diodes in the process. LED lights are useful in that that last a long time while provide excellent energy efficiency. Any excess heat that is produced by an LED assembly is transferred into a heat sink, much like a computer tower with the idea of keeping the apparatus cool to the touch. While light-emitting diodes are handy for numerous reasons, they are not advanced enough yet to provide general illumination. Most LEDs offer directional light, which is much more helpful for flashlights than your living room. The current cost is higher than other lighting options, making this style a promising recruit for future uses.

The world of lighting provides a complex web of different products that are designed for numerous applications. Next time, we’ll take a closer look into the ratings behind light bulbs and what these numbers mean for your home. The Shelby Design Center is here to be your go-to lighting store, providing all of the product choices and advice you need to illuminate your home with beauty. If you are looking for a quality lighting company in Shelby, stop by our store today or contact us to see how we can help brighten your home!







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