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The design of your home plays a major part in the tone that your property sets. From the hardwood flooring in your living area to the Spanish tiles decorating your kitchen, each part of your home’s interior design helps to set a general theme. For many Michigan homeowners, it can be difficult to find the wall and floor coverings needed to enhance the space. If you’re in need of professional assistance, our flooring store in Shelby Township can help! The Shelby Design Center has proudly served as your all-in-one design resource for Michigan homes and businesses for more than 20 years, relying on our vast flooring showroom and industry experts to provide the best guidance through every step of our customers’ home renovations.

We’re passionate about supplying all manners of home flooring materials for our happy clients, yet our professionals understand that full-scale home design does not stop there. Once the dust settles on your new floor (and has been swept!), it’s time to begin looking at furnishments such as area rugs to further enhance your space with comfort and style. While it can be hard to find a modern rug for your unique place, many people rely on three main factors to help them narrow down the results.

Area Rug Sizing

The size of your new area rug should fit the space appropriately. Purchasing a rug that is too small or too large can create unwanted visual dynamics in the room. You should look for a rug that is large enough to at least rest beneath all of the key furniture in the room. At the minimum, your new rug should be large enough to reach the front edges of your furniture for a clear and comfortable area. Homeowners with large rooms can utilize different area rugs for different spaces to designate what that area is used for. Finding the right size for your unique space can be challenging, so be sure to find the right fit in terms of perimeter space. 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between your new rug and the wall is preferable, with many experts claiming that you can even stretch these limits further if the need arises. As long as the rug is centered and fits comfortably, all should be well.


Product Style

Your new area rug should serve as a piece that enhances the visuals of your room. With this in mind, look for a style that will work seamlessly with your new home design. Most homeowners enjoy finding an area rug that is fun and catchy, serving as a unique centerpiece. However, keep in mind that you want your room to look good altogether, and a rug that does not fit the scheme may stand out. Our flooring store experts have seen it all, and each individual will be happy to help you determine the best pattern and color for your new area rug.

Rug Upkeep Demands

The material of your rug purchase will help to determine how much upkeep is needed for an optimal outcome. Rugs made of materials such as sisal may not be cleanable while other materials such as wool can be cleaned and maintained for long-term value. Low-pile (or low density) rugs need to be shaken out and cleaned once in awhile while high-pile rugs require more frequent cleanings for the best results. The maintenance demands of your area rug may be enough to motivate you to try a different material.

Finding the perfect area rug for your Michigan home can help to make your new flooring even more beautiful. As your one-stop design center and flooring store in Shelby Township, the Shelby Design Center is here to help you create the best outcomes for your space. From engineered wood flooring to all types of area rugs, we have the styles to match your unique home. Contact us today to learn more or stop by our Shelby Township flooring store to begin today!

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